Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

I really didn't intend to take such a long hiatus from this blog. Different things just kept taking priority. I promise to do better next year!
Are you trying to find the perfect gift for those on your Christmas list? Maybe one or more is a reader. Here are four possibilities you might consider. The first three are authors I know personally who write great books. I know the fourth also, but you'll have to decide for yourself if her books, ahem, are good, should you choose to buy one! All the books are available from Amazon and other online booksellers or from the authors. Look for their Amazon author pages
Brookhaven Institute is a pretty name for a madhouse where throwaway kids can sometimes end up dead. Rooney is on the run, her state-issued tatters no match against the winter's fury. Surely the fates could be kinder. Order Rooney Boone
In 1910, prohibiting the sale of alcohol is the hot-button issue of the day. And sometimes the debate gets out of hand . . . In 1910, Julia Nye has an unconventional job as a typist for the St. Louis City Police, a first for a woman but not as unconventional as her desire to be a detective like her sheriff father. Order In the Good Old Summertime
First in a new cozy mystery series featuring Southern cooking that is to die for. Aspiring chef and small-town Virginia native Amy Flowers is ready to open her own café offering old-fashioned Southern food. But her dream may go up in smoke when someone kills the competition. Order Calamity Cafe
Private investigator Cameron Locke is only mildly-intrigued when an obviously well-to-do young woman hires her to locate a missing boyfriend. The client lies about everything from how they met to her own name, but she pays cash up front, and that’s good enough to put Cam on the case. Order Delusion for a Lonely Girl