Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Days

One of the happier days of my writing life was when I recently signed a contract with a small independent press to publish the first book of one of my mystery series. The novel is Requiem for a Party Girl, first of PI Cameron Locke's cases. No info yet for its publication date, hopefully this year.

One of my goals for this year was getting two books published. That is, to self-publish two of my own books. Accomplished that goal by last month, May. The first, in February, was Life Slices, a Medley of Musings after Three Score and More, a volume of my Kingsport Daily News newspaper columns. Then in June I published Disguise for Death, a Royce Thorne Mystery, through CreateSpace. These two books, Amazon - Life-Slices and Amazon - Disguise for Death may be ordered online or via any book store or by emailing sylnick (at), remember to use the 'at' symbol before

Then I decided to submit Requiem to one more publisher. And it was accepted. Thanks, Oconee Spirit Press.