Friday, November 28, 2014

Reflections on 2014

As the year dwindles toward another December, I'm reflecting on the joy and sadness my family and friends have come through in the last eleven months. Births and deaths and life events of many descriptions. Most recent and devastating in my family was the death of a much-loved sister-in-law. The evil of an extremely aggressive cancer took her life in a matter of months. While mourning her loss we can look back on many years of her whole-hearted involvement in reunions and other festive events in our lives, her family by marriage. We cherish her legacy, a son and daughter, numerous grandchildren, a great-grandson and next spring another.
My gratitude for her care of my brother during a very serious illness, without which we may have lost him a couple of years ago, knows no bounds.
Her strong support of my writing attempts, from the beginning, meant so much to me. On my last visit she read my most recent novel from cover to cover while I was there and pronounced it good.
Thank you, Debbie. We'll see you again some day.