Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Just checked my stats. Was shocked to see that in the last month this blog has been viewed by several folks. I appreciate that. Especially since I post so irregularly. No matter how often I vow to do better, time slips away and it's months some times before I write a new post.

Maybe I was also inspired by participating in the Kingsport Mini Maker Faire this past weekend. If someone hasn't heard of a Maker Faire, it is an event to showcase interest in whatever creative activity or hobby one spends time in doing. Hardly surprising that quite a number of participants were engaged in technology inspired pursuits, a couple in the robotics field.

Our spot at the Faire was arranged by Billy Crawford of Bubba's Book Swap. The purpose of the writers who manned the Appalachian Authors Guild and Lost State Writers Guild booth was to reach out to aspiring writers. We passed out information on how to get started, encouraged them to put pen to paper - or fingers to keyboard would probably be more accurate. Even though both Guilds have been around the region for a number of years and participated in lots of regional events and festivals, many have never heard of us. We hope to change that in time.